Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I need...
I want...

The hunger feels as if it will never be satiated.

I need my identity to be stripped from myself. My mind separated my body. My sense of being repressed. To watch and feel. Be powerless to act. Only be able to receive.

I want to enslave another. Subject them to the physical pain and pleasure that I desire. To transfer my emptiness to them and then feed it. Make them feel what I want to feel. Take them to the edge where I want to teeter.

Make them afraid and then bring them back to safety. To engorge their appetite, so desire will whither.

To bring them to calm. To bring me back to serenity.


CaptainMando said...

Sounds like you need to take and be taken. I hope you get what you're looking for, dear.

P.S. - You need to write more! I've missed you!

Lush said...

hmmm...just began reading your blog...and i'm thinking we have more than a little bit in common... :)