Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Finding Order in Chaos

For the moment my little corner of the cosmos mirrors the world around me. That my professional life is hectic and feeling turned upside down is not surprising. If it wasn't in that situation right now, I would be concerned, as what I do is a chunk of the financial risk management world which translates into when the markets are in chaos, my clients need me. I'm less busy when the world is happy. With time things will come around.

My personal life has taken off on an unexpected journey. The ride has been wild. Right now it feels stuck in a valley. That too will come to pass. I feel calmer now than I did even a week ago. I need rid myself of the expectations and enjoy what is ahead. That is not to say that I shouldn't take control and try to steer.


Anonymous said...

good luck with both!! good to see you post!

becomingkate said...

Everyone wants me to get my Mutual Funds license, but damn, I don't want to after this year!