Thursday, April 16, 2009

Loneliness Is Collecting Dust on the Bookshelf

I've been nudged to update this thing sometime this century. I think the nudger had something more in mind than this update. She knows where to find me as my weekend plans may or may not involve getting into some sort of trouble with her. In case the rest of the world is wondering, those plans include a workshop with Lee Harrington. It will be great opportunity to see first hand the ties from Lee's book which Kona sent me in the Secret Santa endeavor from the defunct blog land that hosted the previous version of this journal.

In case anyone was wondering, somebody spilled half their cup of coffee on me this morning while I was standing in line at the coffee shop (not Starbucks by the way). Had to phone the misses to bring me a clean pair of underwear to replace the pair which managed to get soaked with coffee.


Indantatia said...

Sure, soaked with "coffee". Like we believe that one! ;) missed you, man. I was just wondering where you ran off to.

Simon said...

I thought you had fled the country.

By the way, did you realise that there’s a photograph of a woman’s breasts in the top right of your blog? I just thought you should know.

becomingkate said...

I was wondering how you are. Have a good weekend!

Jennifer said...

Seeing you "in action" Saturday night was sweet indeed.

And I enjoyed having you around classes over the weekend too.

Thanks for helping out with moving stuff for us.

You are a great friend.