Thursday, February 19, 2009

Opening a Dirty Window

We had a long overdue heart-to-heart discussion over lunch a few days ago. We discussed a lot of things that needed to be said for a long time. There were a lot of things that we both new, but either avoided or ignored.

Tripping over the bump in the road was inevitable. We were both a little too complacent, too comfortable with each other, and didn't communicate very well. It is a bitter sweet irony that the cause of our big crash was a misunderstanding. We got burnt by something that we thought the other wanted.

We have agreed to take a break from our d/s relationship for now. I don't know if it will resume. I didn't expect it to end or want it to end, especially after it became something much more than I originally expected when we first met, but not quite what we wanted it to be. The one thing I really wanted was a polyamourous relationship that I knew could never work.

Perhaps it will give us time to be friends for now without the struggle for control that our relationship turned into.

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Dorrie said...

communication is the key, in ANY relationship... good luck!