Sunday, February 8, 2009

Searching for the Open Window

Now if emotions could be as easily satisfied and subdued like the physical wants and needs. The irony is that things started off without expectations. The emotional ride changed that, perhaps creating something that would never work.

We ignored for too long the little nagging feeling in the back of our minds. When the crash occurred, we couldn't understand why it happened. Funny thing, part of the answer was given to me unexpectedly the other night while sitting around with some friends, chatting as we wound-down after some play.

So a door that has been closed while we clean up the broken pieces.


becomingkate said...

"Oh, and four orgasms in the past day makes me a happy camper"

No doubt!

Allen said...

It seems many of my blog-world friends all seem to connect to you in some manner. After reading a bit about you, it makes me smile. Kind of restores my faith in the idea there are all kinds of wonderful flavors still out there in the world. Nice to meet you via electrons David :-)