Monday, June 14, 2010

Clarity is Just and Illusion

I drove her home after the party on Saturday night. This in itself is of no significance, as I have often given her rides home late at night. We have always been able to talk candidly with each other about things that we wouldn't share with others. Always as close friends. I even remember our very first such conversation where we talked about our relationship goals. We had both just ended bad relationships and were looking for things that were as diametrically opposite to each other as night and day.

Since that first conversation, our friendship has grown stronger. We have shared many intimacies and always a constant were those goals that we shared. We even became regular play partners, but always without the expectation of romantic interests.

I don't know exactly when things changed. I have noticed my feelings towards her growing stronger over the past couple of months. I also sensed that we both new that this was happening. It use to be when we hugged, it used to be a friendly, "pat on the back" feeling. Lately, though, whenever we embrace, it was like a flood of every emotion you feel when the entire cosmos is in perfect balance.

We sat in the car, parked in front of her place. I don't know how long we talked. In the past, we have talked about our relationships with others. We talked about my wife and my past d/s partner. We talked about her past relationships, her girlfriend and where she sees there future going. Tonight, we talked about each other for the first time and how our relationship fits within our primary relationship partnerships.

I am uncertain about what the future holds for us. But I am ready to see where it will take us.